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Cat Power - Moon Pix (1998)

Hoy vamos con algo bien tranquilo. Moon Pix fue el disco que terminó por consagrar a Cat Power, el seudónimo usado por la cantante Chan Marshall. Moon Pix es su cuarto disco de estudio y tiene una historia bastante peculiar. Mientras que otros grandes discos (proximamente los voy a subir) como You Are Free o Jukebox le llevaron meses grabarlos, en este bastó con apenas una noche después de levantarse de una pesadilla:

“I was by myself for three months in the country, surrounded by fields. One morning I had a vision, woke up and could feel something beyond the trees outside my window. Then I heard a voice: ‘Chan, come and meet me outside and all the past will be forgotten.’ I remember sitting up in bed and saying ‘No!’ And when I said that, I felt as if something was coming fast, straight from under the earth, these dark spirits. I know that sounds completely insane. So I sprung out of bed and rushed into every room [mimes shutting windows in a panic]. Then they came, thousands of them, all up against the kitchen window. They were clear, black as night, trying to get into my soul. That’s when I grabbed my acoustic guitar. I thought that if people found my body, I needed to leave a tape. So I just played the songs that became Moon Pix. It was horrifying.”

Los temas suenan dentro de todo parecido, pero tienen mucha onda. No es más que ella con una guitarra después de todo. El tiempo de los temas es en general bien lento y las letras suman bastante también. De lo más conocido quizás salga Metal Heart (reversionada por ella misma en Jukebox [2008]), o Cross Bones Style.

Learn to say the same thing
What defeats people is a double confession
One time they will confess one thing
And the next they will confess something else
Talk to them they will say
Say, Cat Power

Metal Heart



Artista: Cat Power
Pais: Estados Unidos
Album: Moon Pix
Año: 1998
Género: Folk, Sadcore, Indie Rock
  • Chan Marshall - vocals, guitar, piano
  • Mick Turner - guitar, engineer
  • Belinda Woods - flute
  • Matt Voigt - engineer
  • Jim White - drums
  • Andrew Entsch - bass
  • Roe Ethridge - photography

Lista de temas
01. American Flag
02.He turns down
03. No sense
04. Say
05.Metal Heart
06. Back of your head
07. Moonshiner
08. You may know him
09. Colors and the kids
10. Cross Bones Style
11. Peking Saint
Duración total: 46:19

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